Centrifugal gold concentrator mining FlexiCone CCFB400 40t/hour with Screen

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For sale  Centrifugal Concentrator of minerals 40tons per hour (on hard)Comes with:RPM drive inverter Spare FlexiConeSpare set off rollers ( 3psc) Spare set of bearings ( 6 pec)Top deck vibrating classifier 700mm diameter , 3mm (8# mesh) .  Manufacturer warranty 1 yearPatented technology - revolution in gold concentration industry. Best recovery for  Gold,  Platinum , PGM , Silver from 3 micron size  We have working units to recover valuables  from ashes of coal power stations. Some of installations FlexiCone concentrators with different case studies :
Australia, WA - gold mining tailings (NEWBORE PTY LTD)
New Zealand - placer mining of Gold ( Grifis Mining Ltd)
Australia, Tasmania  - hard rock mining (Henty gold mine)
Papua New Guinea - alluvial and hard rock mining (IBG LTD PAPUA NEW GUINEA)
Russian Federation - cooper tailings (Mednogorski Urupskii GOK )
Russia Federation -recovery gold from ashes of coal power stations ( Dalnevostochnii DVFU)
With the addition of mercury to the cone, a record 100% recovery of fine gold into amalgam was achieved due to the pulsations of the mineral bed in the cone
Centrifugal concentrators from other manufacturers do not have such abilities
due to fact for thinning mineral bed they use water spray in grooves.  We have comparative tests done with other centrifugal concentrators with advantage of our concentrators . Test results available on demand. Comes with RPM invertor drive regulator  220AC/415AC ( single phase/3phase)   power.  For hardrock  gold  and mineral sand mining we offer improved model  CVD-FB centrifugal 2-in-1 concentrator with continuos discharge of concentrate combined with Batch accumulation Cone  Centrifugal concentrator with floating bed     video on  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca0XTknjeB8
New  patented Centrifugal Flexy-bowl  last not less then 5000 hours. Motor power requirements much less compare to previous model with elastic bowl.
Advantages of Alluvial Pacific CCFB Centrifugal concentrator with floating bed
Range of models from lab scale up to industrial.
Economical operations, competitive price and low maintenance cost.
FlexiCONE concentrators recover gold sizes about from 3microns versus to 30-40 microns of popular concentrators .
Material feed to concentrators up to 5 mm size
In operation of FlexiCONE concentrator any special treatment of water is not required. Recirculated technical water can be used .
Readjustments during work and also for different class material is not required.
FlexiCone batch models CCFB applicable for hight concentration ( 1000-10000 ratio)and suitable for gold , platinum and silver , continuos variable discharge models CVD-FB applicable for concentration of material 10-1000 ratio and suitable for precious and other high dense minerals recovery.
High clay content in pulp does not result in significant reduction of gold extraction in FlexiCONE concentrators .
Reliable construction of centrifugal concentrator and absence of necessity in powerful bearing unit, and apart of its functions is performed by cone rollers.
Compact design.
High degree of modularity of FlexiCONE centrifugal concentrator enables quick replacement of failed elements without disassembly of the whole construction. Wearing off elements can be replaced in few minutes.  
Operation principle of CCFB centrifugal concentrator width floating bed
Flexible catching unit (truncated cone)1. and cone pressing from some sides with rollers 4. on fixed supports 5. are the characteristic feature of CCFB
centrifugal concentrator with floating bed). As a result, the cone in cross section acquires shape of rounded triangle, square etc (depending on the number of pressing rollers).
During rotation, points of mineral bed move with periodic approach and removal from rotation axis 8. as though they are floating in centrifugal field. Radius of cone inner surface curvature changes with interval of dozens of hertz from minimum to extreme big one, and as a result centrifugal field has temporary value from zero to maximum, exceeding centrifugal field in non-pressed cone up to 1.5 times.
Mineral bed, formed in deep grooves between riffles, at bending of cone sides is subject to frequent compression and strain in direction of circular motion. When mineral bed is compressed it presses out from grooves for some amount, and when it is strained, it falls down in centrifugal field, thus performing movements similar to those of jigging machine.
Due to characteristic features of cone wall construction, during its rotation in compressed condition mineral bed layers shear with regard to each other, and these vibrations remind those of layers on vibration concentration tables.
Consequently, the mineral bed in centrifugal concentrator is subject to complex motions similar with motions on jigging machine and vibration table, but it all takes place in centrifugal field with variable value, whereas intensity of this value ranges from values close to zero to values in the first hundreds of "g". This motions support mineral bed in loosened fluidized state, when grains of various density, depending on their size, are quickly differentiated in depth of the groove: grains of high density fall down on the bottom, and the light ones – emerge in centrifugal field and move to open surface of groove, where they are taken by uprising pulp flow and removed.
Parameter description
Solids capacity
Feed coarseness (not more)
Extraction of free grains of gold with regards to coarseness fractions
0,05 —3 mm
96 - 99
0,01 —0,05 mm
92 - 96
0,005 —0,01 mm
Ratio  of liquid and solid phases in concentrator feed (L:S)
Sands: -3 mm
6 - 10
Crushed ore:-0,2 mm
3 - 6
Centrifugal acceleration by upper cone edge
Diameter of cone
Concentrate volume per one rinse (not more)
Item weight
STEEL Version
Electrical motor capacity
Overall dimensions of the concentrator, fixed version
Small scale mining use silent killer – mercury ,one of the worst pollution problems!!!!!!!
Many gold deposits are too low in gold content nowadays to use efficiently the panning technique. Therefore, mercury amalgamation is used to extract gold from rocky ores after crushing them in mills. This method is often referred to as artisanal gold mining. 
It is estimated that the world production of artisanal gold is 225 tons. One million persons are employed of which 40% are women. Only 20% of the artisanal gold produced is sold through official channels. For example: In Latin America, over 1 million artisanal gold miners produce between 115 and 190 tons of gold, emitting over 200 tons of mercury annually. Between 2 and 8 miners produce 1 kg of gold annually. Mercury is an effective, simple and very inexpensive reagent to extract gold (1kg of mercury costs 1 g of gold). The Netherlands and Germany are the main suppliers of mercury. It is estimated that the environment is polluted with more than 1 kg of mercury for every kg of gold produced.
Toxicity of mercury
Mercury (element with the symbol Hg) is a liquid metal at room temperature, which is or has been used in thermometers, electrical switches or relays and as amalgam material in dental restoration. One striking chemical property of mercury is the ability to dissolve many other metals such as gold or silver to form amalgams. Mercury is found on earth either as native metal (rare) or in cinnabar (HgS) and recovered from the latter by heating.
Mercury and most of its transformation products in human and the environment are extremely toxic and can cause severe chronic diseases such as kidney failure, arthritis, loss of memory, depression, hallucinations, suicidal tendency, respiratory failure and even death.
A serious industrial disaster was the dumping of mercury compounds into Minamata bay, Japan. It is estimated that over 3,000 people suffered various deformities, severe mercury poisoning symptoms or death from what became known as Minamata disease.
Artisanal gold mining releases mercury which contributes significantly to the aspheric mercury deposition. When mercury is used in the amalgamation process with gold the heating of the amalgam releases high amount of mercury which are taken-up by inhalation.
The minors and their families and children are immediately exposed to the noxious vapors. Mercury, which enters into the water body, is rapidly transformed to the even more toxic methylmercury. Methylmercury can bio-accumulate into sediment organisms of streams, fish and the food chain. 
Population living downstream of the mercury pollution source are continuously exposed to the toxic transformation products of mercury although they are not involved in artisanal gold mining.
Artisanal gold mining with mercury for small scale mining poses a high risk not only to the miners and their families but also causes long-term adverse effects to the environment and at different levels of the food chain. Not only people living along the contaminated side but also those living considerably far away from the mercury source are continuously exposed to toxic levels of mercury and its transformation products.
With use centrifugal concentrator you can stop Small scale mining biggest disaster and make mining more profitable!!!!!!
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